Email Services

Rutgers Connect

The centralized university-wide email and calendar service, based on Microsoft Office 365, is called Rutgers Connect.  This cloud service includes email, calendaring, and many other services. For more details on this service, please visit


Rutgers student email is called ScarletMail (G Suite for Education) and can be accessed at or via the myRutgers portal.

ScarletMail accounts are also available for faculty and staff to collaborate with students in a classroom environment. The service can be activated at by clicking on “Service Activation.”

RBHS faculty, staff, and students are required to use the email address assigned by their department/unit/school as their Official Rutgers Email Address.  ScarletMail is only available for personal use.

Alumni and retirees can continue to use ScarletApps services forever, providing a lifelong link to the many resources available to the Rutgers community.

Reading ScarletMail through any other mail program, such as on a phone, requires a separate ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP password. To setup a Mobile password, go to and click on “Manage Your ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password”.

The ScarletApps suite provides additional enhanced communication and collaboration tools, such as Drive, Google+, Calendar, and more.

Protected Health Information (PHI) Notice

If an individual is in a department/unit/school that has restricted PHI data, they must adhere to the user’s responsibilities as defined in the 70.1.2 Information Classification Policy (


Email Setup

To manage your email configuration, go to and click on “Manage Email Addresses”.

  • Personalized Email Address
    This email address, also known as “Email Alias” associates you with the University and it is for you to share with others. While you do not use this email as your login, you can still email to this address and you will be able to see all emails sent and received.
  • Delivery Email Account
    This typically features your NetID and is where you actually receive and read your email. Once you set your Rutgers Connect account as a delivery address, you will not be able to remove it or add additional delivery addresses.
* Note: If an individual has been identified with a department/unit/school that has restricted data (PHI), only the respective school email address can be used.  ScarletMail cannot be used as the delivery address.
  • Official Rutgers Email Address
    This email address is what others will see when they search for your contact information at Rutgers. Additionally, Rutgers will send official notifications to this address. This address must end in “” and we recommend you use your Personalized Email Address here.