High Performance and Research Computing

As High Performance Computing is becoming a critical resource in an increasing number of disciplines, the High Performance Cooperative Cluster (HPCC) seeks to pool resources from units and researchers around the University to provide the most robust system possible.

The Rutgers High Performance Cooperative Cluster (HPCC) is a shared computing resource available to departments across Rutgers. The cluster is housed in the Hill Center machine room, with an additional rack of backup storage located in the Administrative Services Building machine room.

It includes a pool of general purpose compute nodes (Intel Sandy Bridge, Intel Ivy Bridge, Intel Haswell), a pool of GPUs (Nvidia Tesla C2070), a pool of Xeon Phi accelerators and scheduling software to manage resource sharing.

HPC Administrators and faculty have a mailing list via the “High Performance Computing” Sakai site. Announcements, events and discussion surrounding HPC are posted to this site. To subscribe, send email to oirt@rutgers.edu.

More information regarding HPC can be found at oirt.rutgers.edu under the Research Computing tab.